Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What Color Was Your Bra

Caution – I am not trying to be a sexist or show that breast cancer issues don’t really matter. Just ridiculing the level to which Facebook platform was used to raise the Breast Cancer awareness

Last week did you update the color of your bra on Facebook? I am sure being a woman you wanted to show your support for the deadly Breast Cancer and make people aware of its affects. Well, some really smart person wanted all the women to update their status with the color of the bra they were wearing at that time. This would perhaps bring a revolution in creating breast cancer awareness

The effort taken by most of the women was ostensibly for a good cause. Now, I am wondering how you can bring awareness in the minds of men by updating your Facebook status with the color of your bra?

Men would be already fantasizing the size of the breasts and some perverts may have reached the climax as well. Some of them may be wondering if the bra was silk, satin, cotton etc…

Women may be wondering how can they fight the disease and create a revolution and awareness in the minds. Holy Shit! We need to fight it out with our Women Power…

Many groups were created on the website by so called Charity Organizations, who would donate some money to a breast cancer research if they would acquire 1000+ members. Another marketing gimmick!

Some groups had all the intentions to create soft porn by asking the members to send their photographs in a bra and the best pic would receive a 10$ gift certificate.
And to heighten the level of this futile campaign, some women actually updated their status with the color of panties they were wearing. This further diluted the breast cancer awareness message. May be they were trying to make a point about Ovarian Cancer. Confused!

Horrendous! Not sure if this is the right approach to create awareness for a deadly disease? C’mon! wake up people…such dim-witted ideas would help you identify the color of the bra but the thought would just stop there.

Every one may have updated the color of their bra but no one was speaking about breast cancer.

Personally I liked the approach of this particular group who asked women not to share the color of their bra, but by sharing their time or money to help people suffering with this disease. Splendid approach! Serves the purpose.

Let us all lend our support to create awareness about this illness which may have affected your mother, girlfriend, wife, sister, daughter etc in a more sensible manner. Social Media messages spread like fire so let us use this weapon in a wise way to create a difference.

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