Saturday, November 24, 2007

About a Brand called "YOU"

Hello Friends,

Thanks for giving me some feed back on the previous blogs, and I am looking forward to hearing more from all of you. During a class discussion one of my friends raised a question whether investment in a brand helps increase the sale of a product? Most of us agreed that brand speaks for the product. They represent your range of products, and investment in brand management is essential....

But how many of us have thought about investing in a brand called "YOU"; yes I mean you-yourself? Now lets not underestimate ourselves, we all represent a brand. The way you walk, talk, eat, sleep and EXPRESS yourself reflects on your brand. Bill Clinton is an influential brand, Richard Branson is a flamboyant brand, and Gandhi is the brand of peace and non violence. The coffee mug you carry, the clothes you wear, even the way you smile - remember you are being noticed. Umm for once think that you are 'not' an employee at Microsoft, 'not' an engineer at IBM, 'not' a banker at Citi; and lets not be so possessed with our professional titles. You are what ‘You’ are. I would appreciate your comments/opinions.



  1. Lets get some smoke here....

    Isnt marketing all about "You" or aint we all so selfish enough that majority of our salary we blow it up on ourselves.

    If you are proposing Investment and not an Expense than we are in agreement.

    If Armanis and Bugatis define oneself .. shallow.

  2. Hi Brahma,

    I do agree with K, nowadays all of are being watched the way we carry ourselves...but it doesn't mean we surround ourselves with brands but yes our style of expressing matters, out attitude towards life matters. That's were the YOU comes in my friend...and that's what the blog says..


  3. I agree with you KB that all the time, all around us people are noticing us. But somethin to think about is how people see you, "notice" you for a few seconds and then forget about you. UNLESS there is somethng about you that would make them sit up and "recall" you.
    Sometimes for shock value I would want to do that ;) but then "fading into the woodwork" has its advantages.
    Getting involved in the brand "YOU" or "ME" is fine as long as it doesnt go into extreme forms (narcissism ?? :p)



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