Thursday, July 24, 2008

Car Pooling Launched in Dubai

A dedicated website ( has been launched in by the Dubai government to register private car pooling services. The government expects to reduce traffic as commuters will be legally authorized to share a vehicle to reach their respective workplace. This initiative has been taken to curb illegal taxis, which have been a cheaper mode of transport. Khaleej Times has reported that RTA has received 1200 applications post launch of the website on 23 July 08. Out of the total applications received 300 have been activated. As per the RTA official this proves that there is a huge demand for carpooling.
I believe many commuters would like to share a vehicle while travelling to their offices, provided they are able to adjust the timings. Most of the commuters drive their own vehicle to have more flexibility. I would like to raise some points on this new initiative : -

1) Why does one have to register to commute in a friends/relatives vehicle?
2) Can the same car be registered by more than 4 people? C’mon it is not necessary that the same set of people travel everyday in the same car.
3) How does RTA plan to have a check on this? Don’t tell me they will keep checking each and individual car.
4) A registered member needs to renew his membership every 6 months. I can smell some cash outflow happening here
5) Why is RTA trying to restrict who will travel is which car? I believe all of are sensible enough not give ride to a stranger.
6) If you want to curb illegal taxis, just start a similar service where by commuters can share cost of the taxi.


  1. Totally weird endeavor IMHO. Out of 1200, why ONLY 300 applications have been approved? Why not the rest? Precisely how are they checking up and confirming the veracity of the application.
    And if one person is registered in 1 application, can he or she not be registered for another vehicle?
    And yes its MONEY at the source of everything. Start with a small fee and then tack on the small administrative fees etc etc.
    Typical !

  2. after few years.. you will be fined by the dubai RTA

    and while enquiring you can find a reason...

    there is a driver in the car......

    this situation is not tooo far in dubai....



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