Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Social Media Challenging Search Engines

Attention: all the online businesses seeking to drive traffic from Search Engines. Yeah.. people are spending more time on Social Networks than on Search Engines. Some of the sites have started reporting some improbable facts, one being; Facebook sends more traffic
their way than Google, according to

Social Media sites like Twitter, Facebook etc are becoming huge contributors to the traffic on a website. Media planners have started to ensure that a social media element is present in every campaign they carry out.

Due to the economic downturn companies are looking for innovative ways to market their product and services. Clients who don’t have money will seek different ways to promote their products and services at no extra cost or are economical.

It is time media profoundly research this element and website entrepreneurs create a Social Media Revenue Model.

If this happens we can expect an emergence of Social Media Specialists in the market. There will be agencies specializing only in Social Media promotion.

Friday, April 3, 2009

UAE Banks ease Mortgage Lending

Two major international banks have decided to boost the property market in UAE by opening the liquidity tap.

HSBC declared that it will now offer 75 percent financing on completed villas, 70 percent on completed apartments and 50 percent on off-plan units. The applicants must earn a minimum of AED20,000 per month, irrespective of their nationality. The maximum loan term is five to 25 years, or until the borrower reaches the age of 65, which ever occurs first, and interest will start from 8.5 percent, on a variable rate.

Just 24 hours post the announcement of HSBC's ease in lending, rival Barclays announced that it would lend aggressively in UAE property market. Currently Barclays is lending 60 percent on villas and apartments in UAE and is not financing off-plan properties

Hopefully most of the banks will adopt similar policies by offering loans but at lower interest rates. This will certainly pull out Dubai from the current Credit Crises.


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