Monday, January 18, 2010

Google Helps Predict Gender Differences

Google can help us predict what the sexes are looking out for in a relationship. Wow! That's a discovery. What are the needs of a man and what is a women looking out for. You don't need to look out for a relationship consultant. Just Google your thoughts :). A query on gave the below results of what men and women may be frequently searching for in UAE. I used the phrase "How can I get my" replacing it with various variables. Check out the results : -

The above query show girl's may be always looking for security or attention from their boyfriend's.

The guys always seeking pleasure in various forms ;)

I tried seraching similar info by replacing 'girlfriend' with 'wife' and 'boyfriend' with 'husband'. Married people may think on the lines of a single person but with a little difference. Now see the difference below: -

The power of Google can help us understand the way our subconscious mind thinks. It is very interesting to know the gender differences in UAE. You may check out a similar post done by  Dan Ariely who had conducted similar queries on

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