Saturday, September 25, 2010

What did you tweet when Facebook was down?

After Facebook went down on Thursday, thousands took to Twitter to share the news, vent their frustration and get their fix of social networking. The two-and-a-half-hour outage for the users was like they were drug addicts going through withdrawal. Facebook's more than 500 million users have grown accustomed to sharing updates from their daily diets to pets. Twitteratis were not behind in expressing their humor in 140 characters. I have collected a few interesting tweets below: -

@OPB: BREAKING NEWS: Facebook is down. Worker productivity rises. US climbs out of recession #facebookdown

@BugFrog Congress considering emergency funds to help out Farmville farmers hurt by Facebook outage,"

@maxxhendriks "Facebook is down! Users are roaming the streets shoving photos in people's faces and screaming "DO YOU LIKE THIS? DO YOU?"

@alqaeda #facebook is down. Not sure if  we did that, but we should claim anyway. Hitting the infidels where it hurts, etc.

@vladimirRS - Facebook down due to explosion in Farmville's manure composter. Five million people forced to work

@MTVClutch - Facebook is down. We can't tell who's hungry or tired

@joeschmitt - Either Facebook is down or Mark Zuckerberg just set everything to PRIVATE

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Twitter Conversations on Common Wealth Games

The Common Wealth Games (CWG) to be held in Delhi in October 2010 have been slammed by national and international media for lack of readiness. I believe some of the officials may have screwed up but the games will definitely happen and the Indian government is working towards it. Lot of negative publicity churned with mishaps at the venue has given some of the potential hosting candidates like Australia and New Zealand to speak foul. Nevertheless, the humor being shared among twitteratis with the use of #cwg is worth reading. Please see below a few tweets that are making round in the twittosphere: -

@nidhi_narain The running track at #CWG says "Men at work, go slow"

@khuliyar If the #CWG is cancelled, does it mean we can keep all the gold medals to ourself? We can give away silver medals to Pakistan. #fail #fb

@kousik I guess the loot from #CWG is being invested in SENSEX/NIFTY.

@a_sanan @ibnlive @CWG2010PR #CWG #Delhi #India #Commonwealthgames We Know Our CWG Officials' National Song - "DHAN DE MATRAM" ! #ProfitablePolitics

@Miss_Imp0ssible Suresh Kalmadi tried to hang himself, after the #CWG fiasco..but the ceiling collapsed !! :P

@Krafty_Karan #CWG quote of the day:'We've fallen flat on our faces or should I say on our 'feces'.' -M.S Iyer on @BDUTT 's show. :-D

@meetneo instead of #CWG chair, kalmadi should be made to sit on the 'chair' of UTV bindass show..atleast get the devil out of him!!

@swamitwitanand @HeadlinesIndia The #CWG stadia can be used to store grains.Pawar can join hands wit kalmadi

@KiranKS #British bookmaker Hill has begun to take bets on whether #CWG will go ahead. Latest odds 4-1 for cancellation #CongressWealthGeneration

@iabhishek How times change! From 'Chill Madi' to 'Kalmadi' #CWG

@kishiarora #CWG baba baba kalmadi have uany shame,nosir nosir common loot game, crores 4 my partner,crores 4 my dame,crores 4 me 2,putting india2shame

@weemundo Brilliant. Can all of you #CWG haters please read this : on SMH cc (+ve one)

@htTweets  Games security 'extensive and well organised': Australia #cwg #ht (+ve one)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Photographs of Google Office in Dubai

Check out the below link for few unofficial photographs of the Google Office in Dubai Internet City. The office has a modern Arabic look with dedicated area to work and relax. Most of the meeting rooms are named after famous Arabic cartoon characters.  Google opened its office in Dubai Internet City in early 2008 as part of its plans to focus on its Arabic language services.

Google office is located in Dubai Internet City, Building no. 9.

Address Details of Google Office

Updated on Nov 19, 2011

Google UAE
Dubai Internet City
Building 4, office 306
P.O Box 502966
Phone: +971 4 4509500
Fax: +971 4 4509523

Photographs are courtesy @ghonim. Click here to view all the pics.


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