Monday, January 11, 2010

Nexus One v/s iPhone - for UAE

Google has released its long awaited mobile gadget - The Nexus One, running on the Android OS. The best part about Nexus One is that you can purchase its unlocked version. This is good news for all the UAEns as you would be able to use it on either Etisalat or Du network. Google has smartly placed itself in the market by not signing up with a single telecom provider as previously done by iPhone.

Check out the below comparison table released by BillShrink.

Some other info that is missing in the below comparison sheet is the Nexus One has the Google Earth and Geo Location Feature that is missing in iPhone. Another point to be noted is that Google has signed up with T-Mobile to sell the device on a limited contractual basis.

For all the tech freaks check out the Processor Speed for each of these phones. This info is missing in the below comparison sheet.
iPhone 3GS
Palm Pre
Motorola Droid
Nexus One
600 + Mhz
600+ Mhz
550 Mhz
1 Ghz

The most important conclusion that one can derive from this launch is that Google has finally launched its own online store. The overly hyped Nexus One launch has over shadowed the launch of the online store or Google intentionally wanted to keep it low. This is definitely a potential threat to many online stores as the website remains the only place where you can purchase the device. You never know but Google may start selling its upcoming computers on a Dell based model from this particular site.

Just a point on the Multi-tasking bit - iPhone does perform multitasking, which has been erroneously reported as 'No' in the table.

Good news for people who are dying to get their hands on this device in UAE. You can buy the phone online via There are some people selling the device but at a much higher price...filling their pockets I guess ;)


  1. Pocket filling? It's demand and supply, right? No one is putting a gun to anyone's head to force them to buy. Pocket filling is where people are forced to have to pay for something they don't want. :)

    Buyers who want to save against the premium for instant gratification could just go online to buy it themselves. Of course, they will need a Google Checkout account friends in US/Singapore/HK or a VPN connection to these countries AND a shipping address in these countries. And wait a week or 2 for shipment. If there's stock left.

    It's a simple business, you can disagree with it, but it's not morally, legally, or professionally wrong -- it's called business.

  2. @ghoonk I'd rather get pregnant and name my child nexus one. That would take less time and effort than buying a cell phone with vpn via singapore like James Bond.

    Why don't you go to Dubai Mall and purchase the android phone?? Is it that hard?

  3. sigh, I usually don't bother answering uninformed or poorly conceived questions, but I guess I need to do something nice to start the day...

    1. Nexus One is NOT available in other countries outside of the current list, for business and support reasons. HTC has a very strong local presence (literally) in those countries and hence are able to provide the necessary levels of support. To add, HTC Android phones have a good level of market penetration in those markets, hence there is a strong business rationale to offer the phones there.

    2. I've been Buy Now prices of AED2750 on (which the post author mentioned in his post), which isn't far away from the AED2500 I paid for the phone after factoring in NY tax, Aramex shipping to Dubai and Dubai Customs duties. I don't know what grey market retailers are selling them for in Dubai, but you must be a complete moron to go to them for anything -- when du was selling the iPhone 3GS 32GB for AED2869 with a PAYG plan that a person could easily toss, many of these retailers were still asking AED3500 for 32GB units.

    So, unless you are an hardcore mobile phone nerd, you wouldn't really have the desire to go out of your way to get the phone.

    It's always been pretty simple in Dubai -- if you want to get things here, you pay more. If you have the patience to wait, it's cheaper to get it shipped in (works for high performance car tyres, notebooks, etc). if you can't be bothered with either, then don't buy it. :)

  4. You can buy Nexus One form and, As well as you can purchase this phone from Dubai Mall in the new downtown Dubai.



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