Friday, January 8, 2010

User Generated Content Forecast 2008-2013

The marketing industry’s obsessions seem to change every two years or so. Few years back in the Digital Marketing world Web 2.0 was the buzz now “user-generated content.” which is an extended version of Web 2.0. Notable examples include the now world-famous Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia that anyone can edit; YouTube, the world's most popular place to find web video; and social communities such as Facebook and MySpace and the latest buzz Twitter.

Each of these web destinations would be nothing without daily content contributions from the many active individuals in their respective communities. These are gold mines for user generated content.

According to eMarketer there were 123.5 million people alone in US who contributed content on the web in 2009. The table depicts that in 2010 around 87 million people would produce videos, 96 million would be engaged in social networking sites, 125 million would contribute through blogging and another 80 million would participate in the vitual world.

The above stats are only for US, let alone  the world statistics.

The only weak point in this user/generated marketing approach is whether people will find the challenge campaign in the first place. A good strategy would be to have groups formed in the social networking sites like Pepsi and Sony have youth groups on Facebook.

With the help of PR, Advertising, Product Development, Customer Service you can target specific segments.

Your target audience - Depending on what you're selling, you would want to track down your potential contributors and engage them on their own turf. Among the most active social media makers are the 18 - 30 demographic, and this group is also the easiest to locate online through the various social networking services.

Your product image - If you are trying to sell pension schemes or luxury villas, you might be better off taking a different approach by advertising on specific website with customized user content.

Promoting your campaign – It isn’t enough to create a flashy website and upload forms for user to fill them up. If you want to create a really successful campaign you are going to have to make sure that the right people know about it, whether they are bloggers or members of the social networks etc. What is your target segment, and how will you plan your customer journeys on the website is important part of the online campaign.

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