Saturday, August 22, 2009

Is your email Throttled ?

Many companies are busy sending emails to their customers to promote their products and services. ISPs (Internet Service Provider) monitor and manage emails sent via their servers to ensure they are not being flooded by spammers. Besides blocking and filtering nowadays ISPs use throttling technique to block emails from a user having vague reputation or has been known to spam the servers.

Throttling is a technique where by an ISP allows a limited number of emails from a sender for a set period and blocks any emails beyond that limit. Throttling is a liberal process versus completely blocking emails from a sender. Many ISPs use it to manage message delivery from high-volume senders or questionable sources. Presently the trend is changing as throttling is used because of the sender's reputation as well.
I wonder if Etisalat would ever use Throttling technique on various spam SMS sent on our mobile phones.

Check out this link on Wikipedia, which claims that Etisalat uses throttling technique (in a negative way) to block peer-to-peer traffic, gaming and other types of traffic to reduce load on its oversubscribed international links.

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