Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sunday - the Death Day

The traffic jams are worse on a Sunday (the first day of the week here in UAE) at the Dubai Sharjah highway. I fail to understand that if almost the same numbers of people travel every day, why is Sunday the death day? Motorists dread the day when accidents happen, because it means that they are stuck in traffic even longer.

Some of my friends had the following reasons for Sunday traffic chaos: -

1) After a long weekend people tend to wake up late, hence this results in traffic jams.
2) It’s first day of the week so you can expect traffic
3) There are many school buses that cause the traffic (C’mon same no. of buses are there on the roads for the remaining 5 days)

On the contrary some of them say it’s Sunday and all of us know that there will be traffic chaos, so they prefer leaving a little early.

Well, of some of them leave a little early while other’s leave late, then why do we have the jams on Sunday?

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  1. hmmm.... I think all the 7 days of a WEEK in DUBAI are SUNDAY! It just keeps getting worse everyday!



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