Saturday, September 20, 2008

Arab Youth in the Digital World

Staying in the Gulf, I interact with the citizens of various GCC countries in Dubai on a regular basis. I was wondering how different the culture amongst the youth of the Arab world is? For some people the picture is entirely different and I don’t wanna start a debate on this. The Arab youth like any other young generation is expressive. They are very active in social media, blogs, graffiti etc. The youth are very proud of their culture and prefer wearing their national dress to express their individuality. They are very expressive online in the form of blogs. Try googling the word Saudi Blog and you would find 17 million entries. Saudi government was so impressed, rather annoyed by the art and craft done by kids on public property that they decided to dedicate a graffiti park for the artists. More and more youths are on Arabic chat sites expressing themselves in their code language “Arabizi”.
Middle East makes 2.5% of the total internet users (December 07') in the world as per “World Internet Stats”. Many of the youths are now uploading videos on Youtube trying to express themselves and correct their society’s image which has been ruined by the media. Check out this video found online.The Real Arabs

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