Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Do you wanna go Digital ?

Almost every one of you may have come across the term Web 2.0. If you haven’t then Google it ;) Alright, people who need some initial “gyaan”, you may please go through the article below: -

Web 2.0 is a movement in the use of World Wide Web technology and web design that intends to assist creativity, information sharing, and cooperation amongst users. These concepts have led to development of sites like Facebook, Wikipedia, Blogs, Flickr etc.

The term was notable after it was used in the O’Reilly Media Web2.0 conference in 2004. O’Reilly Media is a private consultancy firm doing technical writing formed by Tim O’Reilly. The term evolved during a brain storming session in 2003 at the O’Reilly Media.

According to O’Reilly there are 4 levels in the hierarchy of Web 2.0 applications. Level 2 applications are most Web 2.0 oriented and exist only on the Internet e.g. eBay, Ad Sense, Skype etc. Level 2 application can operate offline but gain benefit going online e.g. Flickr, where one can share photos. Level 1 application operate offline but gain more additional features going online e.g. Google Docs and Spread sheets. Level 0 application are equally efficient offline as online, e.g. Google Maps.

Today Web 2.0 is loosely associated with technologies like wikis, blogs, social networking, file sharing etc. There is a widespread criticism by many web experts like Tim Berners-Lee, who says that many of the technologies adopted to develop Web 2.0 have been in existence since early days of web. Are we all in for Web 2.0 ?

Your valuable comments/suggestions will be appreciated.


  1. Hey K ,

    Nice article...nice to know a lil more on Web 2.0 ...looking forward to reading more on digital stuff..

    Radhika, Dubai..

  2. Guruji ;)

    Wassup..hope things are fine at ur end..nice to read good stuff and to see to get active online..

    Deeps, L.A.

  3. Web 2.0 is here to stay..its ok if the developers are using yester year tools..but this is the in thing...


  4. Hello Friends,

    Some more info on Web 2.0 from the man who got it into the world..



  5. I feel Web 2.0 is just a hype. With the growth of internet abilites and expansion of broadband the provision of hi-fi media sites is bound to happen. I don't get that how can one use the web resouces, develop some application and just give it a different name.




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