Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Facebook or Phasebook ?

Facebook, the social networking website is a smart tool to gather information on people preferences. Information is classified as per age groups and various marketing techniques.
How far this first hand information can help MNC's to launch a product, and minimize its cost in market research based on preferences?
There are many MNC using this tool to target their customers. How much on an average would an MNC pay to advertise on Facebook.

Rate Card to advertise on Facebook is as follows:

The current minimum *(CPC) cost per click is $0.01.

The current minimum **CPM is $0.15 for the ad space and $0.15 for News Feed.

The minimum daily budget for CPC and CPM is $5. In addition, your budget must be at least 2x the CPC or CPM you have specified. For example, if you specify a $10 CPC, then your daily budget must be at least $20.

The question remains how many of us actually like to receive ads on our personal pages on the social networking websites. Are the ads attractive enough to the get attention of the user?

*CPC is the cost the advertiser pays when a user clicks on the banner/ad
**CPM refers to cost per thousand images.
(More on these in my next post)


  1. I really don't mind receiving updates on the events happening in UAE or any other discount offers :) Else Iam not bothered to view the ads on Facebook.



  2. Have you heard about the new offer that HSBC is running for its credit cardholders? You can get a 'buy one get one free' deal on all movie tickets at Cinestar. I used it last weekend & it was really great!


  3. Do any of you on this forum ever click ads on social network sites? If yes, what kind of offers do you look for? DO you feel that such sites are an effective advertising medium?


  4. Hi Shu...

    I really didn't know abt this offer ...hmm now i wud like to apply for a credit card. But don't
    tell me you need to have some kind of a gold card..


  5. Hi Anuj,

    Yes definitely, if the ads is of my interest i would check it out. I would check out upcoming events offers and things like that on the website...



  6. Anuj,

    I believe products attracting the youth would be worth advertising on social networking sites. We have tried placing ads on other social networking sites and the results have been +ve. Unfortunately i can't share the results with you.


  7. Well, I don't think its worth wasting your time on placing ads about serious products on social networking sites. Young offers producst that appeal to youth are worth a shot. Try newspapers or other known sites.


  8. Go people go..i believe facebook is the place to place ads on atleast for events or if you planning to give any discount offers...Hey Shu..can we get more details on the HSBC offer. An idea for you ..try placing this on Facebook. If you earn any revenue please share it with me ;)


  9. Harsh

    Good news for you - you don't need to have a gold card. This offer from HSBC is across all their cards. So you should go ahead and apply for one - happy movie watching!




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