Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Do you have 5 seconds ?

No more clicks, just lend me your ears. NetAudioAds Pay-Per-Play (PPP) is an online media channel that plays 5 second audio advertisements. The source code is placed in the website and every time a person visits the website the audio is played. Audio ads are only heard once on the page where the website owner may have place the source code.

The advantage of placing these ads on your website is that they don’t take any physical space and but are audible. Similar to Adsense, PPP audio ads will are contextually related to the text content of any web page where the PPP code is placed.

This medium of advertising is in huge demand by the online marketers around the world. As of 2/29/2008 the Pay-Per-Play network has grown to over 25 million websites.

Many online marketers have criticized this form of advertising as it may irritate a person visiting the website. Also, there is an argument on how many users actually keep their speakers on while visiting a website. The most valid concern could be - overuse. The temptation to place an audio ad on every page of your website can be very strong, but this may drive users away as they may find it irritating.

NetAudioAds charges advertisers on a CPM basis. Each 1000 ads currently costs the advertiser anywhere from $20 CPM (per thousand) to $26 CPM depending on targeting options they may select.

Have you experienced PPP yet ? Please check out vids at

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