Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Can Dubai handle it ?


The drizzle past few days has flooded many parts of Dubai. Most of us struggled to reach our offices yesterday. Believe it or not it took me 3 hours to reach my office from Sharjah to Dubai and a record time of 51/2 hours while returning back home.

Some facts

Rain in Dubai was 81.9 mm
The highest ever rainfall expected this year
Westerly winds are blowing 25 knots offshore
1500 accidents reported in Dubai between Tuesday morning and Wednesday 12 p.m.
None of us would make it on time to the office ;)

Other neighboring emirates are equally impacted. Many parts of Sharjah remain underwater. Emirates road was closed today, which caused the ultimate traffic chaos. Schools were also closed for today; hope this takes of some pressure on the traffic. If the rains continue until Wednesday, the economy will suffer loss of at least 1 billion – an amount enough to build a sufficient drainage system for the next five years.

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What time did you reach home today? Please do share your adventure story.


  1. That must be heaven mainly for school kids..I use to pray for such days when I was in school..!!
    I still love it when it rains though..!
    Remember the time when there was a sudden hail storm that came around probably in '97 in dubai..bought about quite a lot of excitment..esp in school kids..!!
    Love rain (when I am indoors)..;)

  2. Yeah the rains were terrible this year. Had a hard time commuting to office. Hope all is well at your end.

    Jyots :)



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