Sunday, March 15, 2009

Brands in the Digital World

Digital technology is another medium to help a company reach its products and services to a different target segment. It helps to lure an online customer towards your brand. A customer can virtually engage with the brand and know more about its features. There are various methods by which a marketer can reach his customer on the Internet. Some of them are: -

· A dedicated Website for your company/brand/ service etc
· A dedicated blog informing about daily happenings at your company
· Banner ads at various websites
· Viral Marketing via many websites who allow uploading of videos e.g. Youtube
The changes done on an online brand can be very dynamic in nature e.g. the look and feel of the website can be changed overnight. By offering products online we can help a customer engage with the brand.
Web sites need to be branded so that a customer has the confidence while making a purchase. An authentic look of the website will boost customer confidence. Amazon and E bay are classic examples that have strengthened their transaction systems with high security functions, which ensure customers safety while they shop on these sites.
An excellent example of strong online brand building is, where by a customer’s mind recalls Amazon whenever they need to buy books online. The brand awareness and familiarity of Amazon is very high in the minds of a consumer which leads to a strong formation of Brand Equity.

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