Monday, March 30, 2009

Visit to Sharjah Aquarium

I recently visited the Sharjah Aquarium (Museum) and was astonished by its facilities and exquisiteness. The museum has over 250 species to see, from the smallest clown fish to moray eels, and poisonous snakes to sharks. They also have an underwater journey (something like the Underwater Park in Sentosa, Singapore and the one in Dubai Mall). They have actually tried to replicate the old Sharjah maritime city and taken raw material of old vessels lying in the dockyards. You can see the smaller marine life found in the rock pools, coral reefs, lagoons and mangroves.

I would suggest visiting this museum located in Al Khan, Sharjah. There are a bunch of tourist hotels located nearby to this museum. A Maritime Museum located adjacent to it, will be launched in 3 months.

The museum has two floors charmed by exuberant ambience, a small cafeteria and a goodies shop. Once you are done with the museum, you can walk across the new Sharjah corniche. The authorities are also planning to have a boat ride across the Sharjah lagoon in the near future. The place is worth a visit and much better than the Dubai Mall aquarium which is slightly more.
A quick comparison of prices with the Dubai Mall Aquarium: -

Sharjah Aquarium
Adult20 AED/Child (6-15) 10 AED/Child (5 years old &under)Free
Family (2 Adults & 3 Children)50 AED/Adults Groups (6 or more persons) 15 AED
Child Groups (6 or more persons) 5 AED

Dubai Mall Aquarium
Entrance to the Dubai Aquarium Tunnel
Child AED 20 /Adult AED 25
Entrance to the Underwater Zoo & Tunnel per person - AED 50


  1. AssalamuAlaikum,

    Yea I visited the Sharjah Aquarium too. Right at the start before the start of the entry fee.

    It was breathtakingly amazing. I'd say it was much better than the Dubai Mall one.

    Definetely worth the visit. You won't leave the place disappointed. fo shore! :)

    - Ma'assalama

  2. thank you for your kind remarks about sharjah aquarium. we hope to see you again and at our many other museums in the future!
    all the best :)



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