Wednesday, February 25, 2009

RTA Fines at Midnight

Parking tickets at midnnight night 2:30.... It seems like RTA inspectors have started working a lot harder now, by charging fines to the public at midnight. I had parked my car in a huge parking lot in Bur Dubai, but adjacent to the footpath. I agree that this is not a parking, but I was not obstructing the allotted parking spaces. At midnight after taking several rounds in the area, I was not able to find a parking therefore I had to leave my car in the parking lot just for 30 minutes. If this is a rule I agree my car was not parked in the allotted area, but charging fines at midnight doesn't make sense. Many of my friends have expressed their concerns on this issue as lack of parking spaces forces many of them leave their cars in unallocated parking spaces. If this adds to the monthly commission of the inspector, then I guess any one will do this. But is that what RTA inspectors are deployed for across the emirate?

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