Monday, August 11, 2008

Beijing Olympics - Very Expensive Affair

Flavor of the month – Beijing Olympics. To give you a taste of this very expensive dish please find below the expenses involved in making it: -

1) China has built 12 new stadiums at the cost of almost $3.82 billion.
2) The dragon shape airport terminal built in Beijing cost $3.82 billion.
3) To maintain Beijing’s existing infrastructure and build new one it cost $21.5 billion
4) The unique bird’s nest stadium that is the main attraction in Beijing cost $477.5 million
5) Beijing is expected to spend $38.2 billion in this event.

More than 100 million people in China live on less than $1.2 a day. Now does this expensive dish help raise the poor?

This Olympics organized in China is being called the most expensive one ever.
The 2012 Olympic host UK is struggling to increase it’s spend budget which still stands at approximately $18 billion. More than 100 UK Olympic committee members have reached China to understand the complexities involved in organizing such a grand event. UK citizens have already started questioning the committee for allocating such a huge budget for the 2012 Olympics.
Is it really worth investing this much money in the games? The world is still struggling to fight poverty !

Hope you have enjoyed the dish. Please feel free to add spices to make it taste better.

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