Sunday, November 23, 2008

One Minute Answer....

Dear Friends,

Are you experiencing credit crises at your homes? We would like to hear from you..


  1. Well things are not looking good in UAE... being in one of the local banks I realize that without any sales things are slow...but we expect to catch up next year Middle East is the least affect region...


  2. I run a restaurant in Sharjah.. and dont feel the impact of the crunch as people need to fill their tummy ;)...

    Rajesh Bhatt

  3. In my particular and immediate area in New York, we are very fortunate in that the real estate market has held. There was a dip a month or two ago, but not by much. Now, for some reason, things have returned to the high priced "normal" range for condos and homes. Condos seem to be doing better than homes...why, I have no idea.

  4. Things are looking fine here in Dubai as far as IT industry in concerned.. demand has slon down but business is as ususal

    Deepika - Tech Systems

  5. I'm from Ukraine. As the demand for dollar started to grow (over the last month) and it disappeared from the market, banks stopped crediting that means that no homes can be bought, whatever the price.



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