Sunday, November 23, 2008

Google plans to pre-install Chrome on computers

Dear Friends,

The search giant looks at pre-installing Chrome on personal computers by probably doing distribution deals. Google wants to break the monopoly of Microsoft's Internet Explorer. You have to agree that both the companies are fighting a war in the virtual world even though they may not be officially accepting it. Google has tried to enter most of the markets where Microsoft has a strong hold. The VP of Product Mgmt at Google says, "Versions of Chrome should also be available of computers using Macintosh or Linux software in the first half of next year, allowing the browser to be used on almost 99 per cent of computers worldwide.” Google is trying to do a 360 degree sweep in the market. Chrome is still in its beta phase and once the perfect/enhanced version is launched they may give Microsoft run for its money. What Microsoft did to Netscape, will Chrome be able do to Microsoft? History may repeat itself. We'll have to watch out Google's strategy and product offering; hope it doesn't turn out to be a fake promise. IE's popularity remains strong and it will take time for Google to catch up with Microsoft on this front.


  1. I dont why but so called educated people like to jump to conclusions even before both the sides have said the story ..... or even before time has proven one of them right....... we are already seeing all kinds possible crisis thanks to marketing prof's who jump their gun at drop of every ..... for the record.. i am nt saying chrome is nt better but its nt the best n its gt its own share of issues.
    Fat Boy Chrome

  2. Dear Best Friend...

    Its not a conclusion but an opinion like me financial crises started much before the companies were run by MKT prof's..accept it mate u ppl ******* it up... :)



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