Saturday, December 1, 2007

F(E)mail Woes...

Hello Friends,

Lots of happening news this week...finally the UAE govt has decided to re evaluate the currency rate.. pleas have fallen on their deaf ears, but lets wait and watch...Lets discuss about some thing else this week. Enough of monetary talk..lets get into relationships....most people just love discussing them, don't you ? Who is going out with whom or why did they decide to split ..or the girl says "he's too protective that's why I decided to ditch him " - hehe...or the guys says to his sugar babe, "can't you leave me alone; I wanna be myself" argh..

Recently, I was reading a forward which had a chain of emails exchanged between employees at a giant MNC in India. The email starts with a guy desperate to get a girl, but assumes that you need bucks to impress them, so has decided to get advice from one of his female colleagues by writing an email to her.

The girl replies back saying she prefers a guy who at has atleast a Honda Civic to go out with - else thats against her standards. But, ensures him that there are girls who look for guys with good sense of humour, personality blah blah... but in her case the guy needs to take her on a ride in a "Civic". To add fuel to the fire she replies back copying that mail to one of her colleagues.

Mr. Idiot clicks on "Reply to All" button and ask why can't they do without all the luxury; after all the guy is ready to get committed to the girl he would love. He copies the mail to one of his buddies at office.

Before the lady could reply, his best buddy jumps in for rescue and clicks on "Reply to All" button and says, "Don't bother about such women who only seek luxury, women are good until you go out with them. Once they are your gf's they give you a hard time - so why are you falling into the trap". Woh.. now dats a bold advice.

The girl replies back, "Sorry to say Mr. Buddy, but looks like you don't understand women"
Mr Buddy advices,"Even though I am single, I don't think having a gf would make your life any better. It would rather add to your expenses" - stingy guy hmmm..

Now there was a fierce exchange of mails which was being copied to many others in the sure all of them are busy doing a lot of productive work and would get a good bonus by end of the year.. hehe...
Finally, the smartest of all the employees decided to post the entire chain of mails on the web, which is now being forwarded to many others...haha...and would flood the inbox of many unknown people.

While many of them still are trying to figure out what do the girls want, I am sure most of us would avoid getting into such email conversations at office ;)

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  1. These issues are very common in the office. Don't know wht's the Dubai Corporate Scene..?




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