Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Dubai Goin!

Hello Friends,

As per an article published on will have atleast 30 public parks in Dubai by parks will cover 3.15% of the total urban land by 2011 as per the article. As the entire world is shouting aloud "Help Save the Environment" this initiative would certainly help Dubai score some points..But the question right now is do we need more "PARKS" or "PARKING" ?

Link to the article -


  1. Good job dubai...they are workign hard to get roads...but yes prefer more Parking comapared to parks..


  2. about time dubai started goin green, dubai has so much money to make so much difference in the world, but i guess there r gonna be more building coming up soon. a new building has sprung up as we speak.

  3. two wrongs dont make right..... let the parks come...

  4. I have no issues with the parks coming but where is the parking space dude...seriously we guys in Bur Dubai are struggling with lack of parking space...Dubai can you please reserve 3.15% of the total urban land for PARKING ??




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