Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fujitsu Lifebook - T 901

I have recently got a Fujitsu Lifebook T 901, which is an awesome notebook. 

The laptop has some awesome features like: - 
  • Finger print sensor
  • Bi-directional rotatable display
  • Multi touch - screen pad
  • Charge you phones/media devices even when the system is turned off via the USB port
  • 3G port to help you be connected anytime
  • Intel Core i7 vProNext 

Having a Modular bay for an optional second hard disk drive or another battery makes my life so easy and the notebook will become my travel companion. 

The notebook only weighs 2.0 kg, which makes it possible to carry around.

The left hand side pic shows a list of items received in the box, including the accessories. 

The items include:-

  • The notebook
  • Additional Battery pack
  • A carry case
  • CD/Manuals
  • Charger/Cables
  • Cleaning cloth
Check out some more reviews of the Lifebook T901 here.

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