Monday, March 22, 2010

Wassup Dubai..? Ban on Alcohol in Food and British Couple Kissing Issue

Lately there has been some unusual events in Dubai, which makes me wonder if there is a trend shift in lifestyle or are the officials changing their ways of addressing issues: -

Example 1 - The overly hyped British Couple lip kissing issue. I believe if they have violated the decency laws of Dubai, ideally they could be warned for the first time rather than dragging them into courts. Yes, they may have crossed the line and violated the laws but a warning may have done the trick.

Check out the Dubai Decency Laws here. A note to all the tourists - it is important that you follow these rules as a respect to the emirate's culture and traditions.

Example 2 - An exclusive report published in Arabian Business states that Dubai Municipality(DM) has issued a letter banning use of alcohol in cooking, which has moved the hotel industry in the emirate. This could potentially harm the food industry as this could affect the food cooked in many five star hotels and impact revenues. However Dubai Municipality is now expected to issue a revised policy after the industry leaders have appealed to DM.

Oh! BTW – then DM should consider ban on food products sold in fuel stations, since the fuel contains alcohol. Petrol contains aliphatic alcohols like methanol, ethanol, propanol, and butanol. Alternatively they may consider a ban on petrol itself. Check out the exclusive report here..

However, I would conclude that Dubai is still the most liberal city in the Middle East where one can enjoy a decent living.

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