Monday, October 12, 2009

Tedx Dubai – A Fulfilling Experience

Attending Tedx Dubai was just so fulfilling. For once I felt, yeah! Someone is thinking here :)

Tedx is an independently organized event which is a major success for Dubaians. We had 19 passionate speakers highlighting topics ranging from social media to marginalized communities to traditional food to biophotonics. TED is an annual global event where some of the people are invited to share what they are most passionate about. "TED" stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design.

Conference from 10 am – 6:30pm with three short breaks

Where: Palladium, Media City

The event was well organized in a world class auditorium with good food, and superior seating arrangement…all this was done without asking for a penny from the attendees. Now that’s what I call exceptional sponsorship.

Some of the highlights of the events were:

Samar Jodha – He has dedicated his life to a marginalized community called phaneng in North East of India for their revival. He doesn’t believe in just clicking photos and displaying them in art galleries rather has gone ahead in rebuilding this almost extinct community. He has managed to set up eco tourism projects at the village and helps the community build business for their own survival.

Mohamed and Rashid Parham Al Awadhi – The Wild Peeta brothers did an excellently coordinated presentation and demonstrated the ability to create a world class Shawarma brand.

Leo Laporte – Spoke about how User Generated Content has brought an end to the monopoly of big media empires.

Joichi Ito – This speaker explained what exactly goes in the background of Internet content and its legalities. Being a venture capitalist he gave all of us some investment tips.

Paul Bennett – The speaker from IDEO inspired all of us to think about “Your Idea of Dubai”.

Dr. Naif Al Mutawa: He was undoubtedly the funniest presenter of the evening, who has managed to create The99, which is creation of dozens of animated super heroes representing different countries.

Masrat Daud – The 8 day academy girl, illustrated her determination to change the world in 8 days. She managed to at least educate gals in a village west of India changed their mindset about functional education.

Bashar Atiyat – The Bedouin in Hollywood explained to the audience the how does one accept change in culture.

Abed Ayyad- Explained to the audience the importance of Biophotonics and why UAE should look into introducing this latest technology in the country.

Dubai Abdulla Abulhoul – I was amused to see this youngest presenter at the event who remarkably is the Middle East’s youngest Director.

Check out this link for quotes from all the speeches.

In recent years, TED has expanded to include an international conference, TEDGlobal; media initiatives, including TED Talks and; and the TED Prize.

Thank you Tedx Dubai for the invite and hope to see you again next year.

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