Saturday, June 6, 2009

Why ?

Why does the earth face the sky?
Why do the royals stay at high?
Why is the poor always suppressed?
Why is the rich always depressed?

Why does the sunrise and moon never?
Will she achieve her dreams ever?
Why can’t women put mascara with mouth closed?
When he got an opportunity he never showed.

Why is that the rain drops but snowfalls?
Why are the skyscrapers very tall?
Why are miniature things priced high?
Things man can’t afford to buy.

Why are people separated by border?
Birds’ fly free, no body gives them order.
Why is success met with delight?
Why is failure never lent a sight?

When you are out of office you are wandering around
But when your boss is out he is taking a business round.

I tried very hard, but couldn’t reach very far
I am living life but I am at war.
War being fought, to know the “whys” about the planet.
I have understood few but many are unanswered yet.

1 comment:

  1. very nice ending.. very expressing words :)



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