Monday, December 15, 2008

Social Media Measurement Bubble

Further to the previous post on Social Media Measurement, the six steps can be combined into the following model:- 1. Attention/Analytics: Standard web metrics as mentioned in the previous post, are applicable to websites as well.
2. Participation/Reaction: This indicates the extent to which users’ engage themselves with the content on a particular platform. The engagement can be in the form of comments, scraps, posts, rating etc.
3. Authority/Connection: Fetching inbound links, trackbacks, pings to a blog or sites.
4. Influence: Viral, word of mouth, spread, user base, followers, subscribers
5. Emotions/Sentiments/Relationship:user loyalty, attachment, enthusiasm etc

The five factors sum up the metrics of measuring social media. But this is not one-size-fits-all sorts of model, it varies depending on the type of company/organisation, its SM goals, budget, objective and intention. It depends on the factors that go behind the social media campaign and the weightage assigned to each of the bubble changes. In total it should sum up to 100%.

There are a few who are not concerned about "attention" i.e. page views that a site/blog generates. They would typically be focused on ensuring subscription of their RSS feeds, or any other application on the website.

Hence, marketers should carefully set out their objectives and then select appropriate metrics to ROI.

This entry is posted by - Isha Shah (S.P.Jain Global MBA - Marketing alumni and an avid Social Media Marketer). She can be reached through mail at:

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  1. Nice article. Such frame works are extremely important in making Social media marketing more effective & efficient.



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