Sunday, October 12, 2008

Do Clicks Really Matter ?

One of the ways to measure the success of an online campaign is the number of times the campaign banners were clicked. We then have to measure the CTR (Click through Rate) of the campaign to measure its success.

CTR = No of Clicks /No of Impressions

Does the higher number of clicks justify the success of a campaign? An online campaign is needed to spread awareness which can ultimately lead to sales. Some online campaigns are purely meant for awareness while other’s prompt the user to click on the banner ads, which direct them to a landing page that has a list of the products available for sale. Internet has come a long way from Web 1.0 to evolving Web 3.0. Yes, we can associate these trends with the following terms: -

Web 1.0 = Content
Web 2.0 = Conversation
Web 3.0 = Convergence

I feel its all about Conversation. As a product manager if you are successful in speaking to your online audience in their language, you have won half the battle. You need to help the internet user understand what he/she can expect post clicking an interactive banner. If the expectations are not met in the first few seconds, you have lost your prospective internet partner. You need to develop more interactive ads to get the attention of the person viewing the ad. Next time tips on what can be done to develop interactive ads and get user’s to engage with your brand.

1 comment:

  1. Depends on the nature of your campaign. If you want to just spread the message then its fine to have clicks but again if you look for sales then lets do some serious thinkin here.




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