Saturday, June 28, 2008

Salik – Taking toll on our life

Salik – a toll system launched in July 2007 to control traffic chaos in Dubai. The system has provided some level of comfort on the roads where it has been installed, but has created mayhem on the alternate roads as many commuters decide to take them to save money.
A lot has been written about the toll system from some people appreciating it to some raising concerns and calling it a money making tool.

I would like to raise one issue – If Salik was introduced to control traffic – I fail to understand what are we trying to control from midnight to early morning, when there is rarely any traffic on the roads?

Why is Salik a 24x7 charge? I believe, Salik should be charged only during peak hours or for limited hours, the way we are charged for car parking. If Salik was introduced to control traffic, what is the reason behind charging a commuter at 02:00am in the morning?

If Salik means open or clear, I am not very clear about the strategy behind this toll. Is it serving the public or the government interests? Can’t the interests be mutual?

The alternate routes like Floating bridge are open until 22:00 hrs only. What happens when some one has to travel to Bur Dubai after 22:00 hrs? He has to either take the longer route like Business Bay or pay toll at Maktoum or Garhoud Bridge (I am aware that Shingdaga tunnel can be another alternate route)

In the eve of rising inflation and costs in Dubai, any sort of concession offered by the government would be a relief. I would like to appeal to the Dubai Government to at least reconsider the timings for the Salik charges.

Has any one got a better suggestion, please feel free to Express.


  1. Hi K,

    Makes sense to me ...why is Salik 24X7 ?...if it is meant to control traffic in the peak hours, please let the people drive free during midnight hours...I support this cause...


  2. Kapil Puttar,

    In my honest opinion, no amount of complaints are going to help change anything and as the locals face no problems with the rising prices and tolls, mainly due to their rather frequent pay increments, I think these things are here to stay.

    Simply put, the message is clear, if you can't afford it, leave.

    Fair enough I say.

    You I believe have travelled to Europe and other developed countries in the recent years and would have noticed that we do enjoy a comparable standard of living to those countries. Those places arent exactly cheap, you

    So if you feel it something like salik is keeping your wallet on a diet, i advise you try working a little harder towards that promotion.



  3. Sher E Punjab ;)

    Appreciate your comments and nice to hear different opinions.

    We certainly enjoyed a decent standard of living..but with the rising inflation many don't stand a chance. I am not asking to halt the Salik system but atleast relive the night travellers by not charging the toll during those hours..




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