Friday, May 30, 2008


If you run a website and have a primary business of selling products, every time a visitor who is browsing your website leaves without performing an action, may result in a loss. The average dwell time for a visitor on a web page is a minute. If the attractive ads on the webpage can’t get his attention we have lost him forever.

The most valuable asset in an online business is a repeat visitor. On an average the websites are able to convert only 1-2% of the visitors to sales, which means 98% of the visitors leave without performing any action. If you have to retain these visitors what should one do? In comes the technique called Retargeting. A technique performed in 3 simple steps: -

1) Drive traffic to your website – The online business thrives on traffic which can be driven to a website through various mediums like search engines, email shots, paid ads, banner ads etc. Once this is done we go to step 2

2) Track the visitors past and present – We need to track what activity is being performed by a visitor on the website. This is done by placement of a simple code in the website. The code tracks the web pages a visitor spends time on. If a consumer was conducting a transaction and decided to leave for some reason those pages will be stored on a temporary basis.

3) Retargeting in action - Now come’s the ultimate step. Next time the user visits any other website say like My, similar ads will be delivered on his page that were of interest to him. In other words the targeted ad will be delivered to him again. This will create an impact on the visitor. Some studies suggest that you need seven contacts with a customer to make a sale. Such form of advertising has made a difference for many online companies.

I recently came across a website called that has been in the retargeting business since Feb 2007. Fetchback serves up ads on many websites, including social networking sites like MySpace and news content sites like

Check out this link which reflects how has helped a company increase their online sales by 20% with the use of retargeting technique.

I believe is worth a try, check them out.

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